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General information
ETI HV fuse-links named VV THERMO are designed to protect devices in switch-gears and other equipment (distribution transformers, capacitors, motors) from thermal and dynamic effects of shortcircuits and overcurrents. Time-current characteristics correspond to standard IEC 60282-1, item 3.3.3. Back-up fuse.
They are suitable for installation in:
• indoor and outdoor switchgear
• gas (SF6)-insulated enclosures
• special service conditions (different from normal conditions, described in item 2.1. of standard IEC 60282-1)
The most significant features of ETI high voltage fuses:
• Low temperature rise bacause of low power dissipation
• High breaking capacity 50 kA
• Possibility of three different striker pin forces: 80 N and 120 N (with integrated temperature dependent limiter) and 50 N.
• Reliable sealing system against humidity irruption
• Low switching voltages
• Upon a request, fuse links can be supplied into no-standard dimensions
High voltage high-breaking capacity VV fuse-links